Construction beginning in July 2024 on our special "stay-here, store here" area!

Yes, we are planning a new thing!

Andrew has been a professional mover for almost 20 years, and is ready to call that chapter of his life mostly "done."  It was a great run, but it's time for something new!

What are we planning?

We are planning to put up to 5 spacious RV parking areas on our 28 acre property near Boerne, TX.  If you'd like to take a break from home ownership and plan your future in a calm, beautiful environment while living in your RV, and STORE YOUR STUFF HERE can!  Each lot will have a pleasant view of our trees, and face away from HWY 46.  The community will remain gated, for your peace of mind and to keep the general public from coming in.

Wow this sounds like a really cool transitional living opportunity!

It is!  Best of all, community members will have access to a huge supply of insulated 20' and 40' shipping containers for you to store your household goods and other non-hazardous items, and a large area for long-term parking of vehicles and trailers. Yes, you can keep almost everything here, with you!  We will also have open recreational space, possibly including an area to hang out with goats, a dog park, and other features.

The insulated shipping containers are known for their security, and provide excellent resistance to rodents, bugs, and dirt.  They are perfect of storage.  No, you may not live inside the shipping containers, or even hang-out in them.  They are for long-term storage and occasional access, just like you'd expect at a true self-storage facility.  Access hours apply.

Community membership will be established when renting an RV spot, a storage container, a parking space, or any combination of those things, and only members of the community will have access to the recreational area.

No long-term leases are required.

Andrew will still be interested in helping with moves, too, if you can provide at least one strong helper to work with him.  He doesn't keep a full-time crew any longer, but enjoys the physical labor.  Please ask!