Packing Service

Packing a house for a move is no small chore. If you are looking for help packing in and around the San Antonio area, we can help, regardless of whether we are moving you. We typically pack as a team of 2 or 3 packers, and most jobs take us 1 to 2 days. We bill according to the same rate structure as our 1-truck moving rates. We bring more supplies than needed (all professional grade), and only charge you for what we use.

Our supply prices are fair when compared to UHAUL, Home Depot, or Lowes, and much more competitive that most moving companies' supply fees.

We pack and label the boxes like a professional mover would want them packed and labelled, because, well, we are professional movers. We know what makes a box crush-resilient, and how to label boxes that might be mishandled if not labelled in a certain way. We pack our dish-packs heavy and to the brim, our book-boxes full and heavy so you can stack them 5-high, and our wardrobe-boxes with all sorts of "extras" inside, so that neither space nor supplies are wasted.

If you'd like for us to bring used boxes, just ask -- we often have them available, at a discounted rate.

Don't let bad packing be the source of a bad move. You'd be surprised how many customers aren't prepared when we arrive to move them. The more you get packed before the movers arrive, the smoother your move should go. Professional moving boxes, properly packed and labeled, without bulging tops, and without voids inside, make a huge difference!