Moving Labor

Sometimes you don't need our truck. Maybe you are using PODS, UNITs, Pack-Rat, Penske, U-HAUL, ABF, Old Dominion, or just your own trailer. Whatever the circumstance, we are happy to bring our loading talent and our handling experience to your jobsite, to help. We are often hired to expertly load rental trucks and shipping containers, or to unload them when they arrive in town.

What sets us apart is that we know how to do it right, and we prepare you for success by recommending the supplies you'll need for us to work at our best. So many times Andrew has unloaded rental trucks that were loaded by so-called "professionals" in other cities, and the results of their work brings tears (the sad type) to his customer's eyes. Just click here to see some actual (bad) work that was done by other movers in other cities. Crushed china. Gouged dining tables. Broken mirrors in china cabinets. Lawnmower oil on sofas. We've seen it all, we think.

The amount of damage that an unskilled mover can do in 3 hours far outweighs the savings from their "lowest price" guarantee. If you want your truck loaded right, without the sadness and tears afterwards, give us a try. We'll be more expensive, but the type of customer that uses us prefers quality over affordability. Would you rather have a $400 loading service, with 3 items that don't fit in the truck, and $500 in damages, or an $800 loading service, everything in the truck, and no damages? When it is loaded correctly, it takes longer, but more gets in there, and more survives.

Shoot Andrew an email if you'd like to set up loading or unloading services. He'll bring his crew, his dollies, supplies, and his experience to make sure it is done right. Our labor rates are the same as our moving rates with 1 truck (the one that gets us and our equipment to your location).