Moving and Packing Rates

  • Our rates are $65/hour with one mover; $100/hour with 2 movers; $135/hour with 3 movers; $170/hour with 4 movers. The labor clock starts when we pull up to your house or security gate, and ends when the truck is empty, pads are folded, floor is clean, and door is closed. The clock is turned off for lunch.

  • The first truck is included free with the above rates. An additional truck adds $25/hour to the labor rate.

  • Trip Charge. Our “Base” location is the major intersection of Interstate 10 and 1604, in NNW San Antonio, near La Cantera, The Rim, and UTSA. If your move starts and/or ends within 25 miles of our Base, we will bill 30 minutes for the arrival trip time and/or 30 minutes for the return trip time. For starting or ending locations exceeding 25 miles from our base, we charge for the actual trip time (using a GPS for trip calculations, when needed). The trip rates and labor rates are identical.

  • If the move takes us over 50 miles round-trip, starting and ending at our Base, an additional charge of $10 per hour per truck will apply. If diesel is over $3.00 per gallon, the cost over $3.00 per gallon will be added to the bill, based on 7 mpg. For example, if the round-trip move mileage is 300 miles, and diesel is $3.50 per gallon, we would charge a fuel surcharge of $0.50*300/7, or $21. Any overnight stays will result in an overnight/overtime charge equivalent to around 1.5 hours of labor per night depending on the location and the crew size. An overnight stay is deemed necessary if we are out of town and would have to work more than 14 hours on your move that day if we were to make it back to San Antonio on the same day.

  • Not including the cost of supplies, any bill adding up to less than $200 will be rounded up to $200. That amount is our minimum charge for our time.

  • We accept cash, checks made out to Mustard Seed Moving Co ($25 returned check fee), or credit/debit cards (2.83% or 3.63% processing fee).

  • The cost of supplies such as tape, paper, paper pads, and cardboard boxes, will be added to the bill, plus sales tax.

  • The final billable time is rounded up in 15 minute increments.