Contacting us is best done by email. Since Andrew keeps his overhead low, there is no secretary to take your calls. Leah, his wife, is busy with the kids and piano lessons. When you call, Andrew's phone rings while he is on the job with another customer, hanging out with his wife and kids, mowing the grass, riding his bike, or sleeping. Andrew will rarely answer his phone. He thinks of it more as a camera and GPS. He also uses it to text you his ETA when he is on the way to move you.

When you email him, use andrew @ mustardseedmoving . com. It is formatted funny here on the website so that spammers don't get ahold of it and run wild. We are sorry that you can't simply click on the address, and that you will have to actually type it out, without the spaces. Eventually, we will add a form to this website, so that it is easier to send a message.

In your email, please start simple:

  • Date or dates that work for you.
  • Size of your house, truck, container, storage, or apartment.
  • Addresses, and any real estate website links that might show pictures of the home or homes.

Andrew will usually respond back within 0 to 2 days, letting you know his availability for a job the size of yours, and will ask for lots of other details. Please don't be frustrated. The details will take you about 10 to 20 minutes to email him, and they will save you and Andrew the time it would have taken to meet in person at your house, which probably would have taken 30 minutes, with a 3-hour window to expect him in.

You will be asked about stairs, packing, boxes, disassembly, driveways access, and other important things. Once you respond, Andrew will look it over, and let you know if he feels comfortable with the job, how much time he will block out for it, and how large of a staff will be required. On most jobs, it is a team of 2 or 3, with one truck.

TEXT -- 2nd BEST!


If your move is more urgent, say within the next 0 to 7 days, you might want to send a text just to see if we are available. Usually we are booked-up for 2 to 3 weeks, but we occasionally have last-minute openings.

When you text, just write "Hey Andrew, I need a [choose small, medium, or large] move done on [insert day of week]. Are you available? It is from [insert start location] to [insert end location]. "

Andrew will text back to say yes, no, or maybe, and ask a few questions. Please check out our rates before texting.


If you just want to hear Andrew's voice, and his email address spoken to you, or if you are an existing customer who has something that is simply too difficult to convey by email or text, give us a call. It will go to voicemail, and Andrew will listen to it.

You can either call 210-865-9555, or 210-865-1555. They both go to the same phone.