Piano Moving

Piano moving around San Antonio is Mustard Seed Moving Company's forte. Andrew started Mustard Seed after marrying his wife, Leah, a piano teacher. When his piano mover brought her piano, he said to himself, "this can be done better." His piano mover was late, rescheduled the date at the last minute, scratched his floor, forgot his bench, used a bad technique, and illegally charged him sales tax on moving labor.

Pianos need special care. You can't let them fall even a half inch. Too much potential energy is stored up in such a dense, heavy item. Even a small drop on the dolly can throw it further out of tune, or crack the thin soundboard. Andrew and his team are careful to make sure that every second that it is moved, it is moved with care and focus. For grand pianos, Mustard Seed uses thick, professional pads, fulling encasing the instrument in protection. We utilize a grand skidboard, take the legs and pedals off, and tightly secure the instruments to the wall of the moving truck, on their sides. For upright pianos, much less work is involved, but they are still handled with the same care.

For a quote on piano moving, please simply email us. Local moves without stairs usually run $200 to $300.

The email is simple: andrew @ mustardseedmoving.com. We don't put a link to it on the website because it will create a sea of spam for Andrew to sift through. Just tell Siri, "send an email to andrew at mustard seed moving dot com" and see what she thinks you said.