Mustard Seed Moving Company

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Family Owned, Owner Operated

Mustard Seed Moving Co. of San Antonio was started in 2006 by Andrew Sengler. Andrew still personally assists with the labor on every move as the lead mover and driver of the truck. He brings to every jobsite his acute attention to detail, solution-focused mentality, a passion for perfection, and a desire to be recommended by every customer he serves.

Andrew has a degree in engineering from Texas A&M University (Class of 2002), and uses that same brain for handling his customers' valued household possessions. Andrew was also awarded the "San Antonio's Safest Driver" award (and a check for $500) by USAA in the fall of 2018. He uses those same road skills to carefully drive his customers' items to their new locations. Andrew is an avid mountain biker, and he uses that same body to work hard on the job.

Andrew lives with his awesome wife and kids in Boerne, TX, where they are working on constructing a self storage facility to further support their customers by providing a place for storing their items.

Andrew's favorite bible verse is the one that he models his day-to-day actions after:

"Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily (from the soul), as [something done] for the Lord and not for men..."

- Colossians 3:23

Experience That Counts

The owner and operator, Andrew, knows that it takes a lot more than muscles to be a good mover. He has:

  • Experience as a mover starting in 2005 part-time, and in 2007-full time.
  • Experience moving over 1000 pianos without damage.
  • A willingness to say "no" to any job that he knows his company isn't the right fit for.
  • An open ear for hearing each customer's individual needs and desires, but the confidence to say when an idea isn't recommended.
  • A focus on clearly communicating with his staff, without which no job would be possible.
  • A willingness to stick it out and press on when it hurts, and when it's hot.
  • A vast knowledge of the apartments, neighborhoods, storage facilities, and traffic patterns in San Antonio. A true local, with local knowledge.
  • An embarrassing collection of mistakes from many years of being in business, all of which he has learned and grown from, and vows to never make again.


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